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What to bring on my luxury yacht?

Is your next vacation at sea? It’s child’s play with a yacht charter and sale website where everything is explained. And when in doubt, a team of yachting experts is available to answer all your questions and plan your trip down to the very last detail. Once you have selected your yacht design, all you must do is check availability on the dates you are interested in. Once you have completed these steps, you will have to focus on another task: packing your bags for a perfect stay!


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Yachting: sail or motor?

On side is posh, dressed in navy blue, dining at the Yacht Club and discussing mahogany wood and big buildings. The other side is a hedonist, whose crew is agitated to cross the monstrous waves thanks to their engines favoring technology over nature… But let’s leave the stereotypes for a bit! Your online yachting site helps you choose the yacht that best fits your profile.

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3 sports items to bring on a yacht

Yachting is not only about amazing landscapes, blue lagoons, gourmet food or getting the perfect tan on your beautiful sundeck. There are many fun activities you and your close ones can enjoy aboard a luxury yacht. NeoYachting gives you the TOP 3 tenders & toys to bring along on your chartered superyacht.

Snorkelling while yachting.

Towed buoys

Fun and laughter guaranteed. Towed buoys come in different shapes and have various uses: flat ring, sofa or fly-fish, choose the most adapted buoy for your family and friends and discover the pleasure of being towed by a yacht on these wonderful toys. Ask your yacht charter agency for advice and let the yacht crew take care of everything for you.

Inflatable Kayaks

No matter the yachting destination, spend a relaxing moment paddling between small creeks thanks to your inflatable kayak: light but solid, compact, it offers great comfort of navigation. It’s probably the best way to work out while leaving out your motorized superyacht aside for a little while.

Snorkeling equipment

Who has never wanted to discover the seabed of small islands lost in the middle of the ocean? You’ll need masks, fins and snorkels to meet the fauna and flora, turquoise water, fine sand… On the surface or under water, you’ll have so much to discover. Enjoy this unique opportunity!