Yachting: sail or motor?

On side is posh, dressed in navy blue, dining at the Yacht Club and discussing mahogany wood and big buildings. The other side is a hedonist, whose crew is agitated to cross the monstrous waves thanks to their engines favoring technology over nature… But let’s leave the stereotypes for a bit! Your online yachting site helps you choose the yacht that best fits your profile.

Luxury yachts, with sail or motored.

Sail yacht user philosophy

Very happy to leave the port thanks to its engine, the sailboat user respects nature and navigates according to the wind and currents over an indefinite period, sailing along with the weather. In addition to having the reputation of an old sea wolf, there is beauty in this solitary dreamer… The slender shape of his boat is, for him, a model of elegance.

Motor yacht user philosophy

He swears only by the technique of luxury yachts… The zodiac faithful is an enthusiast who is there to enjoy his vacation on the water. In addition to being seen as the typical French Riviera billionaire gambler, he is an individual who is hard to impress and slither in every party through the Riviera coasts.

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