Italian gems you can only explore with a yacht

Starting from Spring and all the way until Winter for those who do not mind a little wind, Italy impresses every tourist who charter a yacht online to visit this amazing region. When the water begins to be warmed by the sun, it’s time to invest in diving equipment and discover the Mediterranean Sea.

A Portovenere creek.

Liguria: a perfect mix of architecture and nature

If you visit The Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera, it is essential to go through Portovenere, which the Italians consider themselves to be the sixth village of the region. Located in front of three islands where excursions are only established by boat. Tino, Tinetto, Palmaria and Azzura Cave are worth a visit if you can spend a private vacation aboard a yacht.

Portovenere marvels thanks to its narrow streets and architecture. You can buy a luxury yacht and visit this small village on the cliffs whenever you wish. Take a stroll down the steep stairs and walk through the streets strewn with colorful buildings to the end of the promontory of Bocche. You’ll finally end up facing the impressive early Christian era church of St. Peter’s. This small Italian village, once you set foot there, gives the sensation that time has stopped.

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